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Are you a geek? Maybe you are the one of your friends that gets the latest and greatest in technology, internet and more? Or, maybe you are like this guy?

Computer Nerd, Geek, and every other name we get called


In case you couldn’t tell, geeks and nerds; we rule the world.

Being at the forefront of all things tech, all things in the next-gen device and smartphone race, along with being the guy people call about tech is sweet. It’s awesome…and it’s damn sexy!

GEEK is the new sexy

Geeks Use Cellphones and Cloud Devices

As the last few years have come about, new words have flooded the internet as buzzwords and catchphrases that have slowly turned into, in 2015, standard tech terms. They have value, and you can ask a 50 year old or a 15 year old, and they all know what you are talking about…

  • Smartphones
  • The Cloud
  • Next-gen devices
  • Software as a service

As more and more people shift their purchases towards smart devices, and away from PCs and laptops, the technology that is the cloud will keep rising. In fact, as businesses are finding the idea of using cloud devices and the cloud more cost-effective and more used, which will also lead to the consumer market. Currently, the most used versions of smartphones and cellulars in the cloud involves cloud storage, banking and email.

And we have more info than just smartphones

When you buy a cellular phone, you aren’t just getting a new smartphone. You also need to purchase cellphone accessories. What cell accessories are we talking about?

  • Cellphone cases
  • Recharger wires
  • Wireless rechargers
  • Screen protectors
  • SIM cards and memory upgrades
  • Headphones and speakers
  • Stands and holders
  • …and a whole lot more

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